Pricing Suggestions

These are only suggestions: you may price your items as you see fit but please price fairly. Brand name items and items with original tags should be priced higher than other items.  If you are having a hard time pricing an item, ask yourself: "How much would I pay for this?" Also, as a general rule of thumb, most gently-used items should be priced approximately 70% less than retail price.


Play Kitchen/Vanity/Tool Bench $15-$35
Toy Box $10-$25
Easel $5-$15
Kid's Table(with 2 chairs) $10-$30
Outdoor Play-Gym $20-$60
Picnic Table $15-$30
Slide $7-$20
Playhouse $30-$75
Toddler Ride-on $5-$15
Power-Wheels $20-$50
Tricycle $5-$15
Bikes $10-$25

Children’s Clothing

Shirts $1-$4
Pants $2-$5
PJs $3-$5
Outfits $4-$10
Dresses  $3-$8